Aluminum 6063

Aluminum 6063 is an architectural alloy that offers users a high resistance to corrosion and excellent finishing characteristics. Easy to extrude with fair machinability, Aluminum 6063 can be both hot and cold formed and is commonly available as T6 temper as well as T4 temper.

A medium strength alloy that is suited for welding and anodizing, Aluminum 6063 has a unique chemical composition that includes:

  • Al balance
  • Si 0.6%
  • Fe 0.35%
  • Cu 0.1%
  • Mg 0.9%
  • Cr 0.05%

Aluminum 6063 is found in a number of commercial and industrial applications such as:

  • Architectural applications
  • Electrical substations
  • Pipe railings
  • Furniture
  • Windows
  • Door-frames
  • Railroad transportation
  • Road transportation
  • Extreme sports equipment
  • Irrigation tubing

All the Aluminum 6063 sold by Bizx Wires meets some of the toughest industry standards including those from ASTM, AMS, QQ, MIL, SAE, and UNS. Aluminum 6063 is available from Bizx Wires in a variety of shapes and sizes like tube, bar, and rod. To discover if Aluminum 6063 fits your needs, please contact Bizx Wires directly.

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